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Mark Olsen Headshot

Hi! I'm Mark.


I was born and raised in Edmonton, AB, went to Arizona State University, spent 7 years in Indianapolis, IN and presently live in Boston, MA.


I'm an Art Director at Complexly, an online media company that focuses primarily on educational videos. I've had the chance to work on the launch of a number of channels including mental_floss (2013), Healthcare Triage (2013), Art Assignment (2014),100 Days (2016), Eons (2017), Origin of Everything (2018), and Microcosmos (2019). My role varies from show to show, but most consistently, I've created all the graphics and associated identity including titles, graphics templates, wordmarks, and channel art. 


I freelance regularly and have had the opportunity to work on a range of both local and international clients including (but not limited to...) Central Indianapolis Community Foundation, Well Done Marketing, Target, Bloomingdales, and 20th Century Fox.


While I enjoy doing work behind a computer, I love getting out into the field! I received my commercial drone certification in 2018, which has allowed me to take aerial photography and video all around the US. 


Photography has always been a great source of joy for me and lately, I've been enjoying getting to know the birds in my area. My portfolio site is here, you can find me on Instagram, or view my work on Unsplash.


If you've got a project in mind, or have any questions about my process, please feel free to reach out! My email is



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