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CICF - Ben franklin Fund

Role: Art Director, Designer, Animator

Client: Central Indiana Community Foundation (CICF)

​​Sound Design: ​Brandon Brungard

In 2016, the Indianapolis Foundation celebrated its 100th anniversary and used the opportunity to promote the funding of an endownment that won't be touched for another 100 years. Their campaign, which this video was a part of, used Ben Franklin's trust funds in Boston and Philadephia as a way of demonstrating that a little bit of patience, combined with compounded interest, can see great rewards in the future. 

Because the narrative of the video is centered around one character, Ben Franklin, it was important to find ways of making him come alive. A lot of this was solved by doing some simple character rigging, which allowed him to better react to the environments around him.​ This also meant recording some silly high-pitched vocal work for Ben Franklin's reaction to things (such as being hit by lightning).


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