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Role: Director, Designer, Main Titles (above)

Production company: Complexly

Client: Mental_Floss


I was involved in the launch of a refreshed version of the Mental_Floss YouTube channel to match the redesigned We used the opportunity to launch a new series called "Scatterbrained"--named after a long-running section in the previously printed magazine.


Scatterbrained is a variety show that explores one topic from a number of angles. For example, in the script on the Olympics, we look at everything from how Olympic medalists live 2.8 years longer than normal people (in "Scientific Study") to the real story of the 1988 Jamaican bobsled team (in "Short Story"). Normally, there are 5 sections per episode, and each section is hosted by a different member of a rotating pool of hosts: Dani Fernandez, Mike Rugnetta, Becca Scott, Elliott Morgan, Amanda Suk, and John Green. 


My role on the refresh was to develop a new graphic identity that felt connected to the website, to design the set, and to create an animation/graphics template to make post-production more streamlined.


I was also the Director on this project, which meant helping pick topics for upcoming episodes, working with talent to get even performances, and looking through edits with the editor. 



Screen Shot 2018-11-06 at 9.02.50 AM.png
John Green - Hosting Scattebrained
Dani Fernadez - Hosting Scattebrained
Mike Rugnetta  - Hosting Scattebrained
Elliott Morgan  - Hosting Scattebrained
Amanda Suk - Hosting Scattebrained

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